Custom Tattoos and Artwork | Hamburg, Germany


I work in a private atelier without the street of a typical studio.

To give you and your tattoo the full attention i only work after an appointment is set!

No spontaneously visits or walk in´s. This is the best way for you to get tattooed in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere!


The Studio is in Hamburg Altona/Bahrenfeld. You get the exact address when the appointment is set.


Please use the emailadress on the Contact page for making an appointment.

Please note that it can take some time until i reply. I try to get back to your request as soon as possible!


upcoming dates:

04-05.03.2017 Tattoo Expo Leipzig

13-18.03.2017 Cologne Tattoo

08-09.04.2017 Lüneburger Tattoo Convention

02-05.05.2017 Unter der Hand, Berlin

26-28.05.2017 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention

21-23.07.2017 Tattoo Convention Harz 



   past dates:

06-09.12.2016 3Kreuze, Essen

14-18.11.2016 NOÏA, Berlin

05-06.11.2016 Tattoo Expo Kiel

      15.10.2016 Tacos Tequila Tattoos #3, Hamburg

10-11.09.2016 Tattoo Messe Braunschweig   

03-04.09.2016 Endless Summer Kamen

      25.08.2016 Ink&Ride Warmup

05-07.08.2016 Tattoo Weekend Emden

14-15.05.2016 Tattoo Convention Hildesheim

25-29.04.2016 NOÏA, Berlin

26-28.03.2016 Tattoo Convention Hamburg

07-12.03.2016 NOÏA, Berlin

16-22.12.2015 NOÏA, Berlin