• How old do i have to be to get tattooed?
    You have to be 18 at least. Even if you have a consent form from your parents. No Exceptions
  • Can i come by for a consultation or chat?
    Appointments only via email. Exceptions only if i invite you for a consultation in the studio. I work in a private gallery, so no walk in`s or spontaneously visits
  • How long do i have to wait for an appoinment?
    Bookings open 1. July for August and September 2019
  • Where is the studio?
    Hamburg Altona/Bahrenfeld, Germany. You get the full adress when an appointment is set.
  • When can i see the scetch?
    As i don`t send out scetches because of the copycats out there, you get to see yours at the appoinment. If you like my work just trust me.
  • Can you draw me something and i get it tattooed by somebody else?
    No, i only draw a scetch if you made an appoinment for getting tattooed by me. Also, all my tattoos are unique pieces and can`t be retattooed. Same for tattoos by other artists!